N/C Sanding Sealer - Clear

N/C Sanding Sealer - Clear


Nippon N.C. Sanding Sealer is a nitro-cellulose based sealer with excellent filling & sanding properties. It seals the surface and on flatting with abrasive paper after the appropriate drying time, forms a smooth surface coating to which the tops coat may be applied. It has excellent durability and good adhesion with fast drying properties. It prevents excess absorption of top coats and enhances the beauty of wood.

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Painting Guide

  • Finishes N/A
  • Coverage N/A
  • Drying Time 16 hours ( Hard Drying )
  • Coats 2-3 coats


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More Information


Nippolac sanding sealer is a fine base coat for Nippolac wood finishes and Polyurethane varnishes. It is suitable for interior  wooden furniture, wall panelling, office desks, chairs , cabinets and, pantry cupboards. It has excellent sandability and wood grain filling properties.


  • Quick drying
  • Easy to sand
  • Excellent filling properties
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