Nippon Paint’s expertise and detailed care in producing appealing yet safe products give consumers myriad choices when picking the right colours for the...

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Medi Care

Nippon paint health care offers range of products. The Nippon Anti- Microbial solution is a water based solution with Silver Ion technology that can be...

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Wood Care

Nippon Paints makes a range of Wood Paints for interior and exterior applications, specially formulated to protect wooden surfaces while enhancing the n...

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Nippon Paint continues to build strong and long lasting relationships with millions of customers through innovative technology advancement in total coat...

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In the highly competitive automotive segment, Nippon Paint constantly sets new industry standards in coating motor vehicles, presenting a total service...

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News & CSR

ESG Statement

At Nippon Paint Holdings Group we aim to conduct our business activities to support and enable sustainable development everywhere we operate.

Sri Lanka received 1st AYDA International Award

Sri Lanka received 1st AYDA International Award. Chandima Gawarammana from University of Moratuwa won AYDA international award for "Best Design Impact " under architecture category.

Nippon Pylox Graffiti by Zayan C. Jananatha

"I was looking for the right paint everywhere for street art, but in the end I found it. I found true colors, softness, ease and durability in nippon pylox spray paint

Professional Painter Service

Phase 1 - Technical Support

NLPK will visit your site by our Technical Support Service to provide the coating solution for your requirements including paint coating systems, product & color selection, waterproofing solution, wood coating solution, etc.

Phase 2 - Technical Service

NPLK will visit and provide the continual technical service for your project from start you end. Your site will be visited periodically by NPLK technical support team and monitoring the paint application according to the right painting technique and application standard.

Phase 3 - Total Solution

NPLK will provide the total solution for your painting requirement by undertaking the technical services with paint application. NPLK Professional painter service delivers the quality service with different solution according to your request with professionally trained painters.

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