2K Epoxy Marine Paint -Red/Blue/Green /Black

2K Epoxy Marine Paint -Red/Blue/Green /Black


Nippon Epoxy Marine Paint specially formulated using high quality epoxy resin and it has excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance and resistance to corrosion by salty water and most of the chemicals. It can use as a finish coat for iron & steel structures specially in highly corrosive environments.

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Painting Guide

  • Finishes Gloss Finish
  • Coverage 110 - 130 Sq.ft /liter
  • Drying Time Hard dry 24 Hours
  • Coats 2 coats


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More Information


Suitable over most surfaces including iron & metal and concrete. Uses include steel structures, gutters, fences, wrought iron, machinery, trailers etc. It is ideal for Marine, Industrial, and architectural applications.


  • Excellent adhesion and long lasting
  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
  • Reduced maintenance Costs & Nontoxic when it dried 



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