Nippon NC Wood Stain - Solvent Based

Nippon NC Wood Stain - Solvent Based


Nippolac solvent based wood stain is a rapid drying concentrated stain with high penetrating power designed for spraying or brush application. It has excellent grain raising. Ideal for furniture, kitchen cupboards, wall panels, doors and windows. It colors the wood to bring it as near as possible to the final desired color of the Wood Finish system.

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Painting Guide

  • Finishes Transparent
  • Coverage Depend on application
  • Drying Time 20 minutes
  • Coats As per desired tint


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  • Color Card

More Information


Recommended for application on wood surfaces prior to the use of sanding sealer or with Sanding,

  • Kitchen cupboards & Panels
  • Wall panels
  • Doors and windows
  • Wooden Furniture


  • Quick drying
  • High penetrating power
  • Can be diluted & mixed different colors to get desire tint
  • Wide range of colors

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