Nippon Weatherbond Algae Guard - Brilliant White (Exterior)

Nippon Weatherbond Algae Guard - Brilliant White (Exterior)


Nippon Weatherbond AlgaeGuard is a long lasting high performance water-based acrylic exterior paint specially formulated with enhanced anti-algae and anti-streak marks performance . It provides ultimate protection to your walls against harsh weather conditions such as the extreme heat and rain experienced in tropical countries like Sri Lanka.

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Painting Guide

  • Finishes Low Sheen
  • Coverage 9 m2 / litre
  • Drying Time 2 hours
  • Coats 2 coats


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More Information


  • Suitable for new and previously painted surfaces such as masonry, bricks  etc.


  • Enhanced resistance to fungal and algal growth
  • Enhanced anti-streak marks property keeping the façade clean
  • Excellent weather durability under local climatic conditions
  • Good adhesion on stable surfaces
  • Easy application with good levelling property
  • Excellent anti-carbonation property
  • High water vapour permeability
  • Environmentally friendly paint certified under the Singapore Green Labeling Scheme SGL-032 by the Singapore Environment Council with V.O.C. level less than 50g/L

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