Nippon Paint Weatherbond Advance Brilliant white (Exterior)

Nippon Paint Weatherbond Advance Brilliant white (Exterior)


Nippon Weatherbond Advance is specially formulated for exterior walls exposed to harsh sunlight and extreme weather conditions. It has innovative “sunblocked technology” that reduces surfaces temperature and making the interiors of the house cooler. It possesses tough paint film, low VOC and high dirt pick up resistance. It’s Anti-Algal and Anti-fungal property helps keep your facades looking newer for longer

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Painting Guide

  • Finishes Sheen Finish
  • Coverage 16 - 18 m2 / litre
  • Drying Time 2 hours
  • Coats 2 coats


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More Information


  • Suitable for new and previously painted surfaces such as masonry, bricks etc.


  • Excellent Dirt pick up resistance
  • Good adhesion and form tough paint Film
  • Low VOC
  • Heat Ban Technology to reduces the surface temperature
  • Anti-Algal and Anti-fungal
  • Excellent weather durability under local climatic conditions
  • Easy application with good levelling property

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